What's in all that e-cig vapor?

What's in all that e-cig vapor?
[College students are now smoking more pot than cigarettes]. A growing …. Conley, of the American Vaping Association, says e-cigarettes flavored with watermelon helped him stop smoking five years ago, and he will fight to keep flavorings on the market.
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32 ways to quit smoking: Everything from eating nuts to playing Tetris
“Most people smoke on autopilot without really taking notice of how it makes them feel,” says Tim Smale, creator of the free stop smoking app The Stop Switch (thestopswitch.co.uk). … of smoke. Use pot pourri or scented candles and enjoy fresh …
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Miley Cyrus made her new album for just 000 – and that explains a lot
… to the mainstream on here. While "Bangerz" rode in on the wave of massive singles like "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop," this album got posted online around midnight and the lead single is a screechy, meandering ode to smoking weed called "Dooo …
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