Police raid 'F**k it, I quit' TV reporter's cannabis club

Police raid 'F**k it, I quit' TV reporter's cannabis club
Greene is a former television reporter who gained notoriety when she quit her job on live TV in September with an expletive and announced she was becoming an advocate for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Alaska. Greene, whose legal name …
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Should I stop smoking cannabis?
A devastating and definitive 20-year study “demolishes the claim that cannabis is harmless”, said the Daily Mail last week. Which is rather worrying, since 13.5% of adults aged between 16 and 24 took cannabis last year. The study quoted is actually a …
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Alaska Police Raid Cannabis Club Run By Reporter Who Quit on Live TV
The cannabis club run by a former news reporter who used profanity on live television while announcing she was quitting her job is currently under police investigation. Search warrants were served by the Anchorage Police Department at the Alaska …
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