My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot

My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot
As I listen to the various arguments—about health, morality, criminal justice, personal freedom—they all come back to the same thing for me: Dad, Dad, Daddy. The family element is almost always missing from the debates: What does smoking pot do, not …
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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Married: Actor Opens Up On Giving Up Marijuana For
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Spotted Holding Hands With Their Children. Pitt also admitted that he was a marijuana smoker, but gave that up when he became a father. "I quit smoking (marijuana)," he said. "That (having kids) was the only thing that got me …
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Bernie Sanders: 'I smoked marijuana twice — didn't quite work for me'
Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a 2016 presidential candidate on the Democratic side, says he has smoked marijuana two times but that it “didn't quite work” for him. “I coughed a lot … “It's not my thing, but it is the thing of a whole lot of people,” he …
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