Managing Medical Marijuana In The Workplace In Canada

Managing Medical Marijuana In The Workplace In Canada
In this case, the employer enforced its "zero tolerance" drug policy by requiring an employee to stop smoking marijuana while at work. The employee was a cancer patient who stated that he smoked marijuana as a means of pain-management. However …
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Mainstream Minority: Zayn Malik's Role as a Muslim Superstar Is Only Going to Grow
Although he has not been particularly vocal about his faith, both people who celebrate his Muslim identity and those who reject it have tried to forge their own image of him as a spokesperson for Islam. His unique identity has inevitably shaped his …
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TWRA, Blount County Sheriff's Office team up to stop drug, alcohol use on
‚ÄúLately we've had several people setting up camp, sitting around drinking smoking marijuana and doing other illegal activities and it got to a point where folks were afraid to go down there for legitimate reasons. Those access areas are paid for by …
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