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Local man vows never to give up smoking marijuana
A TERMINALLY ill Maryborough man has vowed he will never stop smoking marijuana, even though he has been told he will end up behind bars if he is caught with the substance again. Gordon Skippen, who is 57 and has terminal liver cancer, was …
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Teenagers using e-cigarettes to vape marijuana
"Adolescents could actually lose eight IQ points from long term use of marijuana and even when they stop smoking marijuana, you know they decide to quit completely, that still may not completely return as they reach adulthood," Dr. Helene Sheena of …
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Louis C.K. On Life And Stand-Up: 'I Live In Service For My Kids'
GROSS: So I realized one of the things that – what comics can do, like you, that most of us can't is take things that have happened in your life, including bad or embarrassing things, and make them funny in such a way that we, the audience, not only …
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Smoke 'Em Out
In a pink pig costume smoking weed, Miley Cyrus hosted the VMA's and is criticized for glorifying drugs. If you were a nonprofit paying big bucks for advertising during the VMAs to stop smoking, you might criticize too. "It's a trap!" This is where you …
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