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Prince Harry To Quit Smoking If Request Comes From Girlfriend, Not The Queen
She recently encouraged her stepson to visit the Ali, but Prince Harry apparently does not want to stop smoking. The prince started to smoke when he was 15 at Eton. He lights up 20 Marlboro lights daily and was photographed smoking at a Chelsea pub on …
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'Tweeners' who think pot is cool more likely to drink and drive later
The scientists found that positive beliefs about marijuana and confidence in their ability to not use marijuana when the kids were 12 were significant predictors of later driving drunk or riding with a drinking driver when they were 16. "It is crucial …
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I've come to realize that at the end of the day, it's only you yourself that creativity comes from. It doesn't come from weed. In this day and age, the stuff people are smoking is not necessarily even naturally grown from the ground, anyway; it's …
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