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Marijuana users no more likely to experience depression, psychosis or asthma
Campaigners have long pointed out that legalisation of the drug would bring it off the black market and make it safer, increase tax revenue through sales and stop small-time pot smokers filling up the country's courts. But health advice on the NHS help …
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Report Says NYS Falls Short on Palliative Care, Tobacco Cessation
And we don't want people smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes or anything else because we know that causes lung cancer." New York State's Compassionate Care Act does not allow patients to smoke marijuana, and does require that treatments using …
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Hillary Clinton's 'Stepsister:' Drug-Dealing, Bank-Robbing Psycho!
… and pleaded guilty to not only that robbery, but also another at a doughnut shop that same night. She was sentenced to 10 years on each count, but skated with only parole – a brief reprieve that gave her time to start snorting coke and smoking …
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