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Legal marijuana in Portage? Voters get their say Nov. 3
"Marijuana is not addictive. Anyone who doesn't want to smoke marijuana, you just quit." Statistics from the Michigan State Police show arrests for marijuana accounted for five percent or less of all arrests in the city of Portage between 2008 and 2014.

MTV Video Music Awards criticized for glorifying marijuana
An organization that ran anti-cigarette smoking ads during the Video Music Awards has complained to MTV's parent company about the program's multiple references to marijuana and said it sent the wrong message to young viewers. Show host Miley Cyrus …
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Former THE MARS VOLTA Vocalist Kicked a 00 A Week Marijuana Habit
I was spending $ 1,000 a week on weed, and everyone I was in the band with at the time smoked as much as I did. There's so much stupid behavior caused by weed, but I always had that cliché: I needed it for creativity. I've come to realize that at the …
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