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Whoa! Justin Bieber Quits Marijuana After Selena Gomez Split Amid Pastors' Help
During a recent exchange with fans on Fahlo — the app Bieber and Aussie teen star Cody Simpson used to roll out their debut duet “Home to Mama” — Justin revealed he has given up smoking weed. On Sunday, November 16, Bieber posted an entry …
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Debunking the Myths of Marijuana Withdrawal “Syndrome”
… and is a diagnostic indicator of marijuana addiction. As with experiencing withdrawal from any addiction, there are physiological and psychological consequences that are unpleasant enough to encourage continued use for some users that are trying to …
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Marijuana Addiction Is Rare, But Very Real
“I've always found quitting marijuana to be easy when I needed to because of travel reasons or personal reasons or professional or what have you. I do know for certain that when I've been on vacation for a long time, and obviously I'm not smoking, …
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