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Study: Marijuana Users Less Vulnerable To Obesity And Diabetes
The group that scored the lowest BMI were those who were cannabis users who had never used tobacco or had quit tobacco. Furthermore, marijuana users had a smaller risk of contracting diabetes, with lower fasting insulin and insulin resistance. “In this …
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Cashing In on Pot: How Business Is Getting High on Marijuana's Potential
On the fringes, ancillary business also have found money-making niches to fulfill the needs of marijuana businesses. Cultivators need high-wattage lights to grow cannabis indoors. States have contracted seed-to-sale tracking systems to try and stop …

Speaking Out Against Cannabigotry at Seattle Hempfest
In the picture above you can see the rest of the panel included Charlo Greene, a fellow former news anchor whose story went viral when she quit live on the air to focus on legalizing marijuana in Alaska; Stephanie Viskovich, a medical marijuana …
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