Are Drug Addicts Victims Or Criminals

This post has to do with people who are addicted to controlled substances, not individuals that come to be addicted to prescribed medications that were originaly prescribed by an accredited doctor for a legitimate factor.

According to many defense attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, Hollywood personalities as well as Democrats along with many prosecutors as well as courts and as well as a big part of the American public that have been persuaded by the “political correctness arbitrators”, drug abuser are victims.

As for I am concerned, that is a number of hogwash. Addict are most definitely bad guys. Not only are they bad guys, they are as bad as, and also must be penalized likewise as, medication peddlers.

I don’t pity medicine individuals and also addicts. A medicine user, with few exceptions (ie: Someone with an IQ of under sixty), recognized the primary time he or she took illegal drugs that they was breaking the legislation. The medication user, at that point, became a criminal.

The medication individual was not only damaging the legislation, he or she was additionally aiding and also abetting the lawbreaker that offered or offered the individual the drugs. There would certainly be no drug lords to bribe federal government authorities, no medication lords to pay people to expand as well as grow plants to be transformed right into medicines. In various other words if there were no medication users there would be no medication trafficking.

Individuals have actually claimed to me, “I only smoke marijuana, and also smoking cannabis should not be against the law since it is no even worse compared to consuming acohol.

In the very first location drinking alcoholic beverages is legal for individuals over the age of twenty one (Whether or not drinking alcohol ought to be lawful is a subject for another article.). In the 3rd place, some individuals hotel to crime in order to assist their routine. In the 4th location, many people while smoking marijauna, end up being idiots, and also while being forced to chat to or deal with those people could not be considered a criminal offense … it ought to be.

Many people mention that the regulations versus utilizing particular medicines misbehave legislations, consequently it is fine to destroy those laws.

Well, I have news for them, if they use those medicines, they are breaking those legislations (excellent or bad) and they are still offenders and they still are worthy of to be punished. Every person has their very own suggestions as to which laws are good as well as which laws misbehave. If everybody just followed the legislations that they accepted of then we would have anarchy.

If you do not such as the present medicine legislations, job to have them altered. In the meantime each time you utilize controlled substances you are helping a person either, a criminal or a terrorist, get into a position where they can dedicate a lot more criminal offenses, including possibly taking the lives of innocent people. This implies that you could, indirectly, be getting rid of innocent individuals in order to have your fun.

As far as I am concerned, anyone that would certainly place individuals’s lives in jeopardy in order to “delight in” making use of illegal drugs, need to be imprisoned for a very long time.

The concept that we must be assisting and also restoring these ‘inadequate’, ‘mistreated’ medication addicts is hogwash. Individuals that are addicted to prohibited medications started out as wrongdoers and are still wrongdoers.

Bear in mind, if there were no medicine individuals there would be no medication trafficking.

A drug individual, with quite few exceptions (ie: A person with an INTELLIGENCE of under sixty), understood the very initial time he or she took prohibited medicines that he or she was cracking the legislation. The medication user was not only cracking the regulation, he or she was additionally helping and also abetting the lawbreaker that provided or sold the user the medications. There would certainly be no drug gods to pay off government authorities, no drug gods to pay people to expand and also grow plants to be transformed into drugs. In other words if there were no drug individuals there would certainly be no medication trafficking.

Individuals that are addicted to unlawful medications began out as criminals as well as are still bad guys.


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